Coaching Testimonials

Customer Cases & Testimonials

    The careers team of a major financial institution looked for a way to help its people take ownership of their own careers. They wanted and to help them develop more fulfilling career paths – and equally important, to increase the organisation’s engagement of its employees. See blog page: Career Development Programme Within A Major Financial Institution

    Deciding to take on an Executive Coach requires due consideration and finding a trustworthy, impartial and of course qualified person is a must. Having known Corjanne for many years, I had few doubts that she would be an excellent Executive Coach for me. After completing my sessions I can confirm that Corjanne exceeded my expectations. By guiding and challenging me she has helped prepare me better for effective marketing required in my job.

    Corjanne is a highly effective executive coach. She is of tremendous support and has enabled me to achieve an ambitious career change. Together, we have explored my aspirations, values and how people perceive me. This was at the core of the “branding” of my experience, skills and personality. Thanks to the executive coaching, I had high impact when networking and interviewing. Corjanne excels at challenging linear ways of thinking and has regularly been an eye-opening sounding board. I am delighted to have worked with her and would like to wholeheartedly recommend her to you.

    I cannot thank you enough—personally, when you get more out of a session than you initially expected, it leaves you with a higher level of energy and drive.

    The executive coaching programme with Corjanne has been very useful in helping me to clearly identify my strengths and motivation drivers such that I can properly evaluate my next steps and focus on the opportunities going forward that will take my career further in a direction that plays to my strengths and which I enjoy. Her guidance and advice, combined with challenging of my opinions, has been of great use to this effect and I would like to thank her for the help and patience at times.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your coaching sessions and support regarding my change of role. I really appreciated your impartial and objective comments and it certainly helped me make the final decision to move to my new role. I’m already meeting with each of my team-members and enjoying interacting with them on a different level, although it is rather intense at the moment trying to juggle between the two roles. Thanks again for your time and for your precious advice!

    I met with Corjanne for coaching over a period of a couple of months as I was looking to change the direction of my career, but was unsure what the next step should be. Over the course of this time, Corjanne enabled me to gain understanding and clarity on my key strengths and how I could link these into my passions and core values. Corjanne provided me with support and challenge throughout the process, and an independent ear to bounce ideas off.

    I just wanted to say thank you for the career coaching and for helping me gaining further clarity when deciding what comes next!

    Corjanne is highly analytical and never told me to do anything without challenging me to gather clear evidence of why it made sense. Corjanne gathers a vast amount of data and knowledge about her coachees at the beginning of her engagement, and then uses this to produce actionable insights and frameworks to help make decisions. This scientific approach provided me with a lot of confidence as she tailored her advice to my unique personal situation.