Organisational Coaching Programmes

i-Return Helps Organisations Develop And Maintain Their Talent Pipeline

Structure Talent builds tailored programmes for organisations, taking great care to integrate with, and compliment, existing initiatives.

People take time away from their financial services careers for a wide variety of reasons. Some pursue alternative career options. Some pursue personal or family interests. In most cases, experiences gained outside of the traditional career path bring new skills, perspectives and knowledge. Yet, many people still find the process of returning a daunting prospect.

i-Return helps organisations develop and maintain a pipeline of returning talent and maintain an effective alumni network. This reduces recruitment costs and contributes to a healthy culture.

Returning candidates often face some real, and some perceived, barriers when taking their first steps. Common questions they end up asking themselves include:

    • What am I really looking for in my next career step?
    • What interests me, and where do my strengths lie?
    • How do I even get started to find a job back in the financial services industry?
    • How will I convince employers that I have skills and experience which could help them?

The key is for these individuals to understand how to communicate effectively what they want, and how they can best help the employer.

At Structure Talent we help organisations prepare people to return to work. We help returners understand their own goals. We help them develop their personal strategy and value. Our approach—based on trust and partnership—this enables clients to build their own story, along with a viable plan for navigating their personal transition. We run tailored workshops and coaching programmes based on our four step coaching model, to guide returners through their own process of creating opportunities.