Career Coaching

We Help You Develop Your Story

It's the story of who "you" are—and your purpose. That's a story we can help you develop. But it's a story that you need to articulate and share. A story that will shape your interactions with colleagues, potential employers and customers.

Achieving your career ambitions means building a deep understanding of your abilities, interests and strengths. While these are the most important criteria in choosing and changing your career, the overwhelming majority of people react to purely external factors. People tend to simply fall into their next job.

The Structure Talent Career Coaching Model

Career decisions are major life-changing decisions—yet they are often NOT "made"—they just happen. Rather than the individual choosing a particular career path and future trajectory, career decisions are normally a reaction to the opportunities and constraints of the time. Few make the connection between what they enjoy and are good at—or want to be good at—and what they end up doing for a living.

The career coaching model helps you to structure your career planning and job search efforts into manageable steps. It begins with understanding who you really are and why your career vision is unique to you. You then identify your strengths, enablers and challenges; evaluating the risks and constraints before moving on to framing your options, clarifying your personal story and developing your own action plans.

We provide you with concrete tools and frameworks to help you understand and track all these different aspects. On this solid foundation, you can then explore new opportunities confident that you are putting your best foot forward toward the rest of your life.