i-Transform - It's About The People

This part of the site highlights blogs and aspects of our forthcoming book on organizational transformation.

We've been busy since the site went up, carrying out the primary research to support the book. Our first report is now available:

Here is the current working outline for the book. Expect to see most of these sooner or later turned into blog posts to garner your comments and thoughts.

Chapter Outline


Change The Trajectory
The Curse Of Better Sameness
Nobody Wants To Be Downsized

“Transformation Project” Is An Oxymoron

Reductionist Platitudes
Putting Go Faster Stripes On Your Processes
There Is A Difference Between Transition and Transformation
Your Furniture Will Not Transform Your Business
Applying Digital To The Word Mix
Transformation Means Being Prepared To Change How You Think
Design And Co-Create The Future

Why You Need To Transform

Everything Is Connected
Empowered & Connected Customers
Who Cares About Your Functions
The Agile Collaborative Ecosystem
Transformation Cannot Be Dictated Or Outsourced
Enterprises Focus On Doing Things Right
Organizational Maturity
A Map Is Not Much Good If You Don't Know Where You Are
Functional Silos Are The Problem
Egos Everywhere
Band Aid Or Wellness Program
Refocus On Organizational Purpose
In God We Trust-All Others Bring Data
Be Careful What You Measure
Because You Will Get What You Measure.
What We Measure, We Improve

Work Outside-In

The Problem With Processes
Overcoming The Global Local Conundrum
Moving Beyond Lipstick On A Pig
Don’t Try And Reengineer The Past—Design The Future
Personas, Journeys And Contexts
Work Backwards
You Haven't Finished Yet

You Can Do It

Here's How
It's A Journey
There Are No Short Cuts
Building The Appetite For Change
Engage And Empower
Co-Creation And Design-Thinking At The Core

Shape It With A Reference Architecture

Create A Shared Language
Service Propositions/ Offerings
Configured Capabilities = Scalable Shared Services
Processes Exist