We Are In The Business Of Transformation

Transformation is a journey of reinvention. The challenge is to avoid "better sameness".

Transformation success implies being prepared to change everything—how you shape and deliver value, and how you engage and are organised. It also means working on the culture—the behaviours of employees, even how you measure and reward success, and how you think about change.

Generally, organisations seek agility and long-term sustainability. Underpinning those goals are three primary dimensions:

    • Culture and Purpose—people-centred organisational foundations; purpose, learning, engagement and co-creation behaviours.
    • Innovation—customer and employee experiences that change how value is packaged.
    • Technological Capability—how value, in the form of great customer and employee experiences, is delivered.
Progression in each of these dimensions is holistically linked to, and enabled by, advances in the other two. The point is that you cannot turn just wheel without movement in the others.

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